StarEye Mini RGBW

Lux Lumen
LED Fixture RGB(W)

The StarEye Mini RGBW is a very aesthetic and compact RGBW spot with incredible color blending. It is the perfect choice of luminaire to give vibrant color accents.

This luminaire is RDM compatible. It can be set in 2 channel mode for tunable white LEDs or 4 channel mode for RGBW LEDs.

Product specifications
Input voltage (version with stepdown) 24V DC
Power consumption max. 3W (but 1W/individual LED)
Housing Aluminum
Finish Black or natural anodized
Bracket yes
Available optics (FWHM) 16°/ 33°/ 55°
Available color temperatures:  
     RGB + white (4ch mode) CRI80 2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K/ 5700K (CRI70)/ 6500K (CRI65)
     Tunable white (2ch mode) CRI90 2200K (CRI80)/ 2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K/ 5700K
DMX controlling RDM
Ingress protection IP20 or IP67
Impact protection IK06
Length 81mm (incl. snoot)
Height 57mm
Depth 49mm (incl. bracket)
Weight 50 gr