Land of the Cold | Pairi Daiza

Brugelette, Belgium
Light Design:

In April 2020 a new part of Pairi Daiza opened. The Land of the Cold is the new home to the polar bears, walruses, penguins and tigers. Guests can spend the night in the hotels with a georgious view on the animals. The light design aimed for a strong contrast of the cosy areas in the village with the ice landscapes and cold caves.

Over 30 different types of tailor made luminaires are used in this project.

We made StarEye RGBW luminaires with custom cold colors to create the exact right atmosphere for the caves.

Our narrow StarPoint spots are used on the edge of the roofs towards the water.

The many lanterns on the side of buildings have StarEye Maxi's as downlight and TwinkleEyes to simulate candle light.

These same TwinkleEyes also come back in the cracks of the tiger cave and the mine cave, creating a misterious glow.

With the Starline profiles we could easily create sufficient light on the various stairs: very warm white in the village and cold white in the caves. 

To control the light in all the zones of the Land of the Cold, 19 electrical boxes are provided with DMX controlled Leddrivers.

Showcase location

50.584306, 3.886746