DMX Controller

The Pharos LPC X (Lighting Playback Controller X) offers an extreme level of power and integration, making it an ideal solution for landmark lighting installations with significant channel counts. It integrates with the full range of Pharos products and offers an optional real-time video input.

The LPC X is a rugged 1U 19” rackmount unit with separate Ethernet interfaces for management and DMX-over-Ethernet (eDMX) output. It is available in capacities ranging from 10 DMX universes (5,120 channels) up to 100 DMX universes (51,200 channels) from a single unit, with further scaling by using multiple Controllers connected and synchronised over Ethernet.

As the big brother of the compact Pharos LPC, it is at the heart of a fully scalable Pharos system that can be tailored to the needs of your project. Additional integration options are supported by our range of Remote Devices. The LPC X is programmed using the free Pharos Designer 2 software and existing installations can be managed from anywhere using its built-in web server.

Supported Fixtures
LEDs LEDs in any color configuration
Automated Moving heads, yokes or scanners
Generic Downlights, spotlights, uplights, etc. via controllable dimmers, relays or ballasts
Fountain Jets Fountain jets for fountain animation or other animatronics
Fixture Library Pharos offers a cloud library with over 13,000 fixture profiles
sACN USITT E1.31 (with per fixture priority) standard
Art-Net Art­Net, Art­Net II and Art­Net III (configurable broadcast override)
KiNET KiNET V1 (DMX out) and V2 (Port out); PDS/Data Enabler discovery
Pathport Pathway Connectivity protocol
DVI-I DVI-I output for video-mapped fixtures
DMX512 Via any eDMX node
DALI Via RIO D (supplied seperately)
Scalable Synchronises with up to 40 Pharos Controllers over network
Simultaneous Multiple protocols can be in operation simultaneously. Limited by patched channels, not universes used
Certifications CE compliant, ETL/cETL listed
Power 100-240VAC / 50-60HZ / 0.4-0.2A
40W typical (100W maximum)
IEC connector with switch
UK, EU and US cable supplied
Data Storage Internal 16GB SSD (supplied)
Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Physical 19″ Rack unit, 1U, 13.5″ deep
Weight 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
Recovery Hardware watchdog and recessed reset button
Ethernet Neutrik etherCon (RJ45 compatible) for 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet with Link/Data LEDs; Fixed IP or DHCP
eDMX Dedicated Ethernet port for eDMX; Neutrik etherCon (RJ45 compatible) for 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet with Link/Data LEDs; Fixed IP or DHCP
Serial RS232 via DB9 connector
USB Two USB 2.0 Type A ports
Audio out Stereo analog & digital audio ports (for future development)
DVI-D input Video input up to 1080p60 (with DVI-D IN option)
Product Variants & Order code
LPC 10 ( 5,120 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75544
LPC 20 ( 10,240 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75516
LPC 30 ( 15,360 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75517
LPC 40 ( 20,480 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75518
LPC 50 ( 25,600 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75519
LPC 60 ( 30,720 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75520
LPC 70 ( 35,840 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75521
LPC 80 ( 40,960 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75522
LPC 90 ( 46,080 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75523
LPC 100 ( 51,200 channels eDMX/DVI ) 75524
LPC 10 DVI ( 5,120 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75554
LPC 20 DVI ( 10,240 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75546
LPC 30 DVI ( 15,360 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75547
LPC 40 DVI ( 20,480 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75548
LPC 50 DVI ( 25,600 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75549
LPC 60 DVI ( 30,720 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75550
LPC 70 DVI ( 35,840 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75551
LPC 80 DVI ( 40,960 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75552
LPC 90 DVI ( 46,080 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75553
LPC 100 DVI ( 51,200 channels eDMX/DVI, DVI-D IN ) 75545

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