7044A-H DMX to DALI

DMX Protocol Convertor

The 7044B-H is the improved successor of the well renowned 7044A-H, driving a complete standard DALI bus. This allows to drive multiple addresses on the DALI bus, and this also allows to drive DALI units occupying multiple DALI addresses, such as RGB drivers etc.

Alternatively, the 7044B-H can be configured to drive DALI group addresses. The decoder is configured to drive 4 addresses, since this allows sufficient data troughput on the slow DALI bus. The decoder can be reconfigured to up to 16 DALI group addresses or 64 DALI short addresses, or DALI broadcast mode (all connected devices, even unaddressed DALI devices, will respond simultaneously).

Product specifications
Mounting DIN standard mounting rail
Input voltage 230vAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2,4W
DALI output optically isolated, potential free, polarity independent
DALI input current approx. 2,2mA @16V
DALI devices 4-16 Addresses, single adressing or group addressing
DMX input USITT DMX512 /1990, ANSI E1-11 DMX512-A, DIN56930-2
DMX channels 4...16ch
Protection IP20
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Storage temperature -20-+70°C
Width 65mm
Height 105mm
Depth 65mm
Weight 260gr

Product accessoires