3404C-H DMX Booster

DMX Booster

The 3404C-H is a DMX splitter intended for DIN rail mount on standard 35mm rails. Simply click onto rail to install, or pull yellow release lever to unlock. The DMX splitter consists of a DMX IN data input, one direct DMX THRU output and four electrically isolated DMX OUT data outputs. Since all outputs are individually electrically isolated, a defective fixture connected to one output will neither affect other outputs nor DMX IN or DMX THRU data. This dramatically improves overall system stability and system reliability.
The 3404C-H is fully DMX RDM compatible, operates in bidirectional mode and supports E1-20 and E1-37 DMX RDM standards. Multiple splitters can be used in parallel to provide more output branches. Using individual branch discovery, only devices connected to one output are discovered simultaneously. This reduces the number of logical devices per discovery run, lowering signal noise and speeding up the total discovery process. This makes the 3404C-H mor reliable and faster than competing products.

Product specifications
Mounting DIN standard mounting rail
Input voltage 85...230vAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 4W
Compatibility DMX512/1990, ANSI E1-11 DMX512A, DMX to DIN56930-2, ANSI E1-20 DMX RDM
DMX input 1 Unit Load
DMX outputs >10 unit load, individually buffered, individually optically isolated to input, SRL driver
Outputs 4 + 1 DMX Thru
Display 3 digit, status and channel count
Protection IP20
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Storage temperature -20-+70°C
Width 114mm
Height 114mm
Depth 67mm