DMX Relay

When you have to control multiple high power loads the 3206R-EP will be your favourite choice. The compact relay module features six indenpently controllable outputs which can be loaded with 10Amps @ 230VAC (resistive load). Output contacts are N.O./N.C. (normally open / normally closed) contacts.

The 3206R-EP has been designed with power distribution systems in mind. It's special advantages include fast setup and installation. Patented WAGO cage clamp connectors ensure rapid installation (press lever to open cage clamp, insert wire, release) and a non-degradeable contact unlike screw connectors, where screw tend to get loose over time and contact resistance may rise dramatically (which could cause degraded contacts to burn out).

Product specifications
Input voltage 230VAC (208-264V) 50/60 Hz
Power consumption approx. 3,5W
DMX input 1 unit load, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A, ANSI E-20 DMX RDM
DMX output fed-through
DMX channels 6ch
Relay power max. 10A @ 230V resistive load
Protection IP20
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Storage temperature -20-+70°C
Width 115mm
Height 67mm
Depth 113mm

The DMX relay function ("DMX PERSONALITY") and DMX start address can be set using a separate start address board to program settings, or set using DMX RDM commands. All settings are retained in non-volatile memory. Available relay trip ponts include:

  • Hysteresis 1: 50% / 51%
  • Hysteresis 2: 25% / 75%
  • Hysteresis 3: 3% / 97%
  • Hysteresis 4: 0% / 1%

The 3206R-EP also features a DMX oversampling mode to guarantee reliable switching at all times. The oversampling mode will analyze multiple DMX data packets before any action is taken and will prevent the DMX relay from switching as long as input signals are not stable. You may override oversampling mode for fast switching purposes.

Product accessoires