DMX Relay

2 Relays, switching individually (2 DMX data slots). Switching hysteresis is selectable, either 50%/51%, 3%/97%, 25%/75%, or 0%/1% (idally suited to switch flourescent lights). At loss off DMX control signal, all relays can be set to OFF, or to ON, or the last valid setting can be retained (DMX HOLD). Printed circuit board approx. 70 x 70 mm, with additional DMX start address switch board. Power supply: 12V DC, ca. 150 mA. 24V model available on request.

The DMX relay 3202R-EP is DMX RDM comaptible (from version Mk7 onward). The relay can be operated from DMX512/1990, DIN56930-2, DMX512-A or ANSI E1-20 DMX RDM.

Product specifications
Input voltage 12vDC
Input current approx. 30mA (no relay) to 150mA (both relays)
DMX input 1 unit load, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A, ANSI E-20 DMX RDM
DMX output fed-through
DMX channels 2ch
Relay specifications Depending on the version (more info in the manual)
Protection IP20
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Storage temperature -20-+70°C
Width 70mm
Height 70mm
Depth 45mm
Product Variants & Order code
3202R-EP6: Relay N.O./N.C., 230V 6A resistive last 11024
3202R-EP16: Relay N.O., 230V 16A resistive last 11023

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