The Ride to Happiness | Plopsaland

De Panne, Belgium

The Ride to Happiness at Plopsaland De Panne (BE) is the first Extreme Spinnnig Coaster in Europe (and only the 2nd in the world)! Free spinning wagons are magnetically fired up to 90km/h, 35m height.

Lux Lumen manufactured the decorative lighting of the complete site in the close cooperation with Plopsa and Tomorrowland to bring alive this magical scenery.

Over 200 pieces of our StarEye Mini & Maxi’s take care of the right accents to create this wonderful atmosphere. Our SquareEyes and Jumbo’s throw vibrant colours on the facades, BigEyes on the tent, plenty custom decorative lighting and some StarPoints for the finishing touches.   

Besides the full decorative lighting aspect, Lux Lumen also provided the Light Control System and data distribution to create the most beautiful settings and programming, all triggered by Plopsa’s house control system. 
Custom evacuation lights are gently placed in a redundant setup on Mack Rides Coaster itself.

Another great cooperation!

Showcase location

51.081551, 2.60033