Lux Lumen
LED Fixture Monochrome

The TwinkleEye module is a charming LED product that imitates the light of a candle. With similar electronics as used in our LED candles, one woud not recongnize the diffrencte between a real flame and the light effect of the TwinkleEye.

It is a compact module that can easily be hidden in decorative rocks or lanterns, indoor and outdoor.

Product specifications
Input voltage  24V DC
Power consumption 3W 
Housing Aluminum and glass
Finish Black
Mounting By screws
Available optics (FWHM) 120°
Available color temperatures: Mix of warm whites
Ingress protection IP67
Impact protection IK06
Diameter 80mm + mounting holes
Height 13mm
Weight 200gr
Cable 2x0,25mm²