Lux Lumen
LED Fixture Monochrome

The TwinkleEye module is a charming LED product that imitates the light of a candle. With similar electronics as used in our LED candles, one woud not recongnize the diffrencte between a real flame and the light effect of the TwinkleEye.

It is a compact module that can easily be hidden in decorative rocks or lanterns, indoor and outdoor.

It can be DMX-RDM controllable. 

Product specifications
Input voltage  24V DC (+ Data)
Power consumption 3W 
Housing Aluminum and glass
Finish Black
Mounting By screws
Available optics (FWHM) 120°
Available color temperatures: Mix of warm whites
Ingress protection IP67
Impact protection IK06
Diameter 80mm + mounting holes
Height 13mm
Weight 200gr
Cable 2x0,25mm²