Lux Lumen
LED Fixture Monochrome

The StarEye LED luminaire is a small and efficient solution for indoor and outdoor detail lighting. The Stareye luminaire is available in two different versions: 12vDC or 350mA. It is possible to use a selection of accessories to manipulate the light output like louvers and glare-controllers.

The stareye 12vDC version is also available with an internal dimmer to regulate the light output directly on the luminaire. Different track adaptors for track lighting applications are also available.

Product specifications
Input voltage (version with stepdown) 12V DC
Voltage range 8-24V DC (best performance around 12V DC)
Input current (version without stepdown) 350mA
Power consumption 1,5W
Electrical power consumption 0,65W/module
Efficiency stepdown 75% at 24V DC
Housing Aluminum
Finish Black or natural anodized
Bracket yes
Available optics (FWHM) 13°/30°/40°/34°x 15°
Led color White
Available color temperatures 2200K/2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K
Ingress protection IP67
Impact protection IK06
Length 34,3mm
Height 54,5mm
Depth 35mm
Weight 85gr
Product type order number
StarEye Indoor Fix 24V 10641
StarEye Indoor dimmable  10642
StarEye Indoor 350mA 10643
StarEye Outdoor Fix 24V 10644
StarEye Outdoor 350mA 10646

Product accessoires