DMX Relay

There are many applications requiring more than just one or two switching outputs to be controlled by DMX. That's where our 3232R-EP comes in handy. 32 individually controllable relays allow to switch low voltage or mains voltage, AC or DC, lighting, audio, effects or whatever your applications demands.

The high contact load (10 amps at 230VAC resistive load) allows to switch high power loads seamlessly.

The 3232R-EP comes as printed circuit board for easy integration into your application. All parameters can be managed using a DMX RDM controller and are stored in nonvolatile memory onboard. The DMX start address, the DMX personality and the DMX HOLD mode (behaviour at DMX signal loss) can be set using the enclosed DMX start address board 3000P. The 3232R-EP can be operated with or without start address board connected. Alternatevely, a LED start address board 3003P, a LCD start address board 3005P, or a COG start address board 3006P can be purchased as separate accessory to create a comportable user interface.

Product specifications
Input voltage 24vDC
Input current approx. 30mA (no relay) to 650mA (all relays)
DMX input XLR 5-pin, 1 unit load, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A, ANSI E-20 DMX RDM
DMX output XLR 5-pin, fed-through
DMX channels 32ch
Relay specifications max. 250VAC, max. 10A (resistive load)
Protection IP20
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Storage temperature -20-+70°C
Width 300mm
Height 145mm
Depth 40mm

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